Why is Eden Shoppers Paradise so unique?

December 8, 2015


Why is Eden Shoppers Paradise is so unique….
1. Location

Eden Shoppers Paradise has a unique location and is in the middle of the West and East part of Curacao. There is enough parking space and its even for free.

2. Design and Atmosphere.
If you have a walk thru Eden Shoppers Paradise, it really does feel like paradise. The uniquely designed garden with the lake is stunning.

3. The Variety of the shops.
Even though not all the shops have opened their doors yet, there is already a variety of shops at Eden Shoppers Paradise.
You can visit Eden for a lunch, groceries, shopping and soon for a restaurant, shoes and many more!
Click here to view all the shops at Eden Shoppers Paradise.

4. Soon there will be WIFI throughout the whole mall.

5. Events, free entertainment and specials!
Kids can already have a spree at the playground that’s right in front of Boosty. So while the parents can enjoy a cup of coffee, they can watch their kids having fun at the playground.
Soon when all the shops open their doors, there will be more events and specials….so keep posted!

Things you might not know yet about Eden Shoppers Paradise        
By now you probably already visit Eden Shoppers Paradise, but you probably didn’t know about these  facts…

Did you know that the water from the lake comes from a natural spring?!
Did you know that at Eden Shoppers Paradise you can take Yoga class every Tuesday?!                                                    
Did you know that soon we will introduce Stampwallet at Eden Shoppers Paradise?! 
Did you know that the design of Eden Shoppers Paradise comes from a mall located in Miami?!

There are still a view units left for rent. If you would like to have more information about the possibilities or if you want a private tour through Eden Shoppers Paradise, contact Taco Heidinga.