Stampwallet: Interview with Wouter Meeuwisse

December 8, 2015

We had an interview with Wouter Meeuwisse, founder and creator of Stampwallet.
Soon you can find Stampwallet in all the stores at Eden Shoppers Paradise.

What is Stampwallet?
Stampwallet is an app for android and ios. A digital wallet for all your loyalty cards. Stampwallet stores will offer users discounts for full cards. Think of it as the good old’ stampcard but now digital. The great thing about stampwallet is that you will never lose your stampcards again. They are always with in you, in your pocket. Stampwallet is ‘ibeacon enabled’ which means we use a cool technique for users with Bluetooth enabled on their phone. When they open stampwallet in a ‘stampwallet store’ and enable Bluetooth, the app will automatically open the correct stampcard for you! When you have a lot of stores in your wallet this function is a nice to have and makes stampwallet easy and fun to use.

How did you create the idea to develop Stampwallet?
I am a developer and  I was looking for something new to create and I learned about ibeacons. A really new technique apple introduced around 2,5 years ago. I was sold. I started testing with it and learned the basic. There wasn’t a lot of information about it and only 2 suppliers ( and estimote) had tools to easily start discovering ibeacons. So I did. After learning the basics I start thinking about ways to get the public known with ibeacons. The best way I could think of was a basic version of stampwallet, it started as a guided tour for stores, walk through a city and the app was automatically updating and showing offers, this was nice but after 2 months loyalty came up. Best way to interact and to make an app that is interesting for both customers as retail. Everyone likes discounts, so I combined the guided tour functionality with a punch / stamp card function. Both functions together is what stampwallet is today!

Why should a shop owner have Stampwallet?
For a shop owner it’s more than a simple stampcard. Shop owners automatically collect email addresses from their customers, analyze behavior and contact users. It’s a way to connect with your customers and make sure they return to your store. In our new version (begin dec 2015) a store can even add phone, email and facebook link and location to their store card. This way users can easily contact the store within stampwallet or view the store on a map. It’s a marketing store with a lot of cool features!

Can every shop use Stampwallet?
Yes! We made stampwallet POS (point of sale) independent, so every store can setup within 15 minutes!

What does Stampwallet do for the costumers of the shop?  
Guide you, show discounts, connect with stores, contact stores, win great prizes aside from the normal discounts (we work together with stores to give our users something special every week / month / year).

How can a shop get Stampwallet?
The easiest way is to go to our website; and click the ‘yes, I am interested button. A store can sign up really easy and we will contact with the following steps. Or send an email to

Is there any other important information that everyone needs to know about Stampwallet?Stampwallet will be available in more than 300 stores in Curacao before March 2016, so it’s really fun to start now and get to know the functions and possibilities. Furthermore stores can sign-up till dec 31 for only $100,- per year!We’re really busy in Holland, St. Maarten, Aruba, Puerto Rico, USA and Canada so we hope everyone will know stampwallet in a couple of years. We thank all early adopters for their support!