To make it far more interesting we have some special conditions for entrepreneurs that will start a shop before October 15th 2015. These conditions are to help and serve our partners. We invite you to visit our soon to be finished shopping mall and hope to make the best possible offer.

Some special conditions we like to offer:

–          A rent free start-up/construction  period of two months.

–          15% discount on the rent until January 31st  2016

–          Toilet or kitchen will be installed by developer

–          Name and logo’s will be added to our new website

–          Free construction advise    

Remember that Eden Shopping Paradise is on a TOP location and will bring you the best possible exposure you can get!

Please understand we are in a very important period at this moment. With daily viewings and many potential renters, we cannot give any options anymore. Please be advise not to wait too long and confirm us your interest asap. This way we can start working on the agreement and block a unit for you.

Looking forward to welcome you to Eden Shopping Paradise.

Please contact:

Coen Morsink

tel: +5999 690 1658


for more information.

DCIM107GOPRO save 15%

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