Location Eden, Shoppers’ Paradise

September 30, 2015

Location eden – Eden Shoppers Paradise is located right on the Caracasbaai. Which is a great location as allot of traffic passes bye on a daily bases and you can’t miss it when driving bye.

The choice of opening a shopping mall right on this busy road has been very easy.

The east side of the Island has become more and more popular and busy over the last years.

Not only the touristic Jan Thiel, but places like Montana, Brakkeput Abou, Jan Sofat etc. has become very popular among the locals to live and these villages grow very fast.

In the past all of these people needed to drive into the city to do their shopping.

Well now that’s not necessary anymore, because Eden Shoppers Paradise is just a couple minutes away!

Eden offers almost 200 parking lots and with the accessible and multiple entrée’s from the road it’s very easy to just have a short stop and take a coffee to go or to shop for hours!

Are you curious to see which shops already opened their doors, click here.


There are still a view units left for rent.

If you would like to have more information about the possibilities or if you want a private tour through Eden Shoppers Paradise, contact Taco Heidinga.