Blanc Du Nil: Interview with Stefan Koole

September 30, 2015
Last month Blanc du Nil opened its doors to the public. With a spectacular opening in Eden Shoppers’ Paradise, we welcomed a new store in our mall. In a brief interview with Stefan Koole (owner) he explains the concept and the reason he wanted to open a shop in Curacao.

Why white?

* We chose white because Blanc du Nil only offers white clothing and this seemed like a great concept for Curacao. There are some stores that sell white clothing, but we are definably the specialist.

Where did Blanc du Nil come from?

• Blanc du Nil is a French chain, but has several stores around the world. The cotton fabrics are coming from Egypt

Why should a Blanc Du Nil shop be on Curacao

• Personally, I already wanted to open a store on Curacao and with Blanc du nil I had a unique concept. This shop is suitable for everyone, but again you must love white clothing. The budget is very accessible

Is Blanc Du Nil suitable for everyone?

• Yes, we sell for men and women

Why did you choose Eden as location?

• We chose Eden as a location, because we believed in a very central access point. In addition, everything is new and this fits well with our concept. We expect to get more beautiful new shops. Also, we are targeting tourists and think we will get them very often. The last argument is of course the great design of Eden. This fitted very well with our concept, so it was a easy decision. 6. What are the future plans? • We’re going to have one or two more stores in other locations. For one location we all already busy with planning, so keep following us. More news will follow soon.

One more special message to your customers

• Blanc Du Nil has special prices every day, so we always have something special to offer. We have standard competitive prices and invite everyone to come and see our store.

We thank Stefan very much for the interview, in which we find that he is very happy with his new store. Our advice is to be sure to pay a visit and certainly for all your white clothes you’ve come to the right place. Soon more news, interviews and blogs about our fabulous new shopping center. Stay tuned.